2048 Defense

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What is 2048 Defense?

2048 Defense

Tower defense games and 2048 games all in one? This is surely not a mash-up even we expected to see any day soon,  which makes us very excited that we can now share it with you all for free on our website, as it becomes a unique experience, and you get to have lots and lots of fun with it just like we had!

Let's set up the best 2048 Defense!

Use the mouse to buy turrets to be added into the brackets in the middle of the screen, around which there is a road on which the enemy blocks are going to move forward, with your goal being to shoot them all down before they can reach the finish line, or else you lose.

The turrets are actually brackets with numbers on them, so take two identical brackets that you've bought and merge them together to form the bracket that is its double. You are doing that in order to eliminate more out of the enemy blocks because they have numbers on them, which show how many times they need to be hit to be eliminated.

This means that the higher the numbers are on your defense turrets, the more damage you make to the enemies. Good luck, we wish you the best, and more fun we hope you have here, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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