Last Villain: Idle Tower Defense

Last Villain: Idle Tower Defense

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Last Villain: Idle Tower Defense
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Last Villain: Idle Tower Defense Overview


Last Villain: Idle Tower Defense is a perfect storm of fun combining multiple elements from games you already know all into one, being a mobile-friendly experience as well, which is all about strategizing, but also moving fast, patience, but also rushing into action, making it unique in so many ways, and since we've already played it ourselves, we can now confidently teach you what and how to do it!

Defeat the Last Villain with the best Idle Tower Defense strategy!

At the top of the screen, on the top of the tower is your warrior, who will be attacked by waves of enemies coming from all around him, in the forest, and he will start shooting at them as they get near, making this game idle. As you defeat them, you gain XP points, and here is where you need to step in with your help.

Use those experience points in the menu down below and upgrade the damage, health, and attack speed statistics, making the defense of the tower stronger, because after you defeat a wave, a bigger and stronger one arrives, and to dispose of one wave you need to defeat their boss too, who is always bigger and stronger.

Level up your warrior and tower, and those upgrades down below, and keep defeating the waves of enemies, when you gain enough experience, you might even be able to place more towers, and add more soldiers on top of them, so that you can win the war of attrition.

It's that fun and simple, as you can see, so now that you know, feel free and confident to begin, and we invite you to check out more TD Games online as only we can give you!

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Use the mouse.

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