Random Cards Tower Defense

Random Cards Tower Defense

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Random Cards Tower Defense
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Random Cards Tower Defense Overview


Random Cards Tower Defense is going to be something different both for cards games online as well as tower defense games, something we will now prove to you all right away, knowing very well just how much fun our team has had with it, so sharing it with you right now was one of our priorities!

Play the best Tower Defense game with Random Cards!

With the mouse you are going to buy cards, random ones, using the funds available to you, so that you place them on the board around the road, and from them, attacks will be generated that are meant to defeat the waves of monsters, which you have to prevent from reaching the end of the course.

On the other side of the screen is a random player from across the internet who is doing the same, and the one who loses first to the waves of monsters becomes the loser, and the other one the winner, so we always hope you are the later, not the former. Merge cards together to upgrade their levels, and add new ones all the time, you need them!

Good luck and the very best we're wishing you all, as per usual, and we truly hope you don't stop here since we've got some more surprises to come, all worth checking out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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