Tower Defense Zombies

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What is Tower Defense Zombies?

Tower Defense Zombies

A Tower Defense Zombies game online is one of the best new additions that we could have had today on our website for you all, something we are very happy to have shared with you right now, since it is a high-quality game in this genre, one that we recommend, doing so by having added it in the first place, don't you think?

Play the best new Tower Defense game with Zombies online!

With the mouse you click on the boxes to open up the turrets inside of them, and then put them along the road, starting off with one available slot, but more of them you can buy with the coins you earn. You can also take two turrets of the same kind and merge them together for one more powerful.

After you're done setting up, the waves of zombies start attacking, and you need to defeat them with the defenses you've put up before they can reach the farm at the end of the course, in which case you lose.

Each new wave of enemies you need to defeat gets stronger than the last, and bigger, so you need to level up your strategy as well, so that you can sustain everything that will be happening! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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