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What are Idle Games?

Idle Games are the successor to Clicking Games online, otherwise known as an 'Incremental Game', which, as made obvious from the device you use to do it with, made their debut in the world of PC gaming, with now also being available on mobile devices (tap games), because you need to use the mouse to click, with that action resulting in you receiving various rewards or increasing your statistics.

Well, most of the games on this page represent an evolution to it, since in many of them you don't even need to do any clicking, as the game can even play itself after you've made enough progress. Of course, that might seem boring, but reaching that point is not, and there are also many ways that these games can be divided, usually by the goal you are trying to achieve, and we will now go deep into them, so you can have a full picture on why these games are worth trying out here!

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Of course, Idle Clicking Games need to be talked about first, since they are the inspiration for most other ones you find here, and the rules are usually simple. Click or tap on the screen to get more coins, gold, or other kinds of valuable items, using them to buy upgrades that will level up the rewards/click you make. So, if you used to get only one coin per click, now you might get three, so you earn a bigger pile faster. Usually, here you try not to only see how much you can make, but also if you can buy all the upgrades and new items from a list that gets more expensive down the line.

In a very similar manner, you have Idle Mining Games, where you are usually doing the job in order to get resources from the ground: rocks, wood, diamonds, jewels, and the like.

In case you want to build a business, Idle Tycoon Games are the perfect ones for you, since you will be using the money you earn from clicks or from the upgrades by pumping it back into your business, so you will make a bigger office building, create more jobs, gather more clients for your firm, franchise more restaurants, grow bigger farms, build a bigger zoo, and more!

Idle RPG Games are for those who want more action and adventure in their lives, as these sometimes double down as tower defense or strategy games, with you having to play the role of the savior, king, or hero that will save all those around them, doing so by accumulating more power, more weapons, building better walls and defenses, and using all of them to defeat the waves of enemies!

As you can see, there is something for everyone here, with the genre evolving day by day, just like evolution takes place in this kind of gameplay, and we're sure that if you come back here often, you will always find something new to like and enjoy playing, free of charge, of course!