Create Pet God Mode

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What is Create Pet God Mode?

Create Pet God Mode

Create Pet God Mode is going to be one of the most interesting games you get to play today, which falls both into the idle clicker arcade genre, but also in the character creator games, but it is not a character you make, but a pet animal, so there are now plenty of reasons not to miss out on this game for anything in the world!

Create a Pet online in God Mode!

Click on the purple cell to make more cells, which are going to be your funds from the game, and then use them to create the body parts of the pets, from the bones to the skin, to the meat, fur, and everything else in between, until you finish a pet.

The body parts get more expensive as you keep buying them, so make sure to do upgrades to the cells per click you make, so get new power-ups all the time, since only they can help you achieve your goal with ease.

Now that we're sure you understood everything, playing the game should be easy and fun, so begin it at once, and don't stop here, since the day has more in store for you, just as you would expect!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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