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BS Simulator
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BS Simulator Overview


Try the BS Simulator online and unlock all your favorite characters from Brawl Stars, also known as brawlers, as we're talking about avatars that players embody in one of the biggest io multiplayer battle royale game 3D on the internet from the past few years, where together with these characters you run, race, shoot, jump, fall, and compete, but today you will be doing something a bit different, but which still requires focus, patience, and skills!

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Begin by opening up your first gift box, which is free, which will give you some coins, and your first character. You can then use the coins to buy other boxes, which cost coins, to earn more of them, and upgrade the XP points of your character. The third type of box is one that costs gems, gems that you earn from mini-games, or from buying lucky gift boxes.

For rewards, also come back to play the game every day, since it has daily rewards. If you want to earn coins fast, play mini-games, with the first one being called Brawlman. What is it? Well, it's a version of Pac-Man where with your brawler you move around the maze using the arrow keys, having to eat all the dots to win, but avoid the other brawlers, as they're trying to eat you.

Shelly will be the first character you unlock and can use in the simulations, but your goal is earning enough coins and gems to unlock and obtain the entire collection of Brawl Stars and level them all up to their max. There are plenty of surprises to be found along the way, and we're sure you will enjoy every moment of it, so start right now, so you have plenty of time for the game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play the game daily to get daily rewards!
  • Play the in-game mini-game Pac-Man to earn more coins.
  • Unlock skins for each character from the shop.

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