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What are Pacman Games?

Every website that respects its audience of gamers, as we clearly do, should have a category of Pacman Games online, which is what we are now happy to give you a taste of, making it easier than ever to find and play games based around this classic game that used to only be available when you went to real-life Arcades, with the origin of this game being the year of 1980, after which it was also released on consoles of various kinds, even to handhelds, phones, and more devices, and it is now easily accessible on computers and mobile devices if you play them on our website!

How to play the best Pacman Games online, here only!

The Pac-Man is the role you take, a yellow ball with a mouth that eats up dots in a maze, with your goal being to eat up all the dots as you survive the attacks of the four pixel ghosts:

These ghosts chase you around the maze, and if they eat you up, you lose, but you get the chance to eat them up instead if you catch the big dot power-ups which sit usually in the corners of the maze, and for a limited time you get to hunt the ghosts yourselves and get even more points each time you do it.

Each ghost also has its own way of moving about, so that they will give players a headache, and that you can never know what is right around the corner, and, of course, each new level becomes more difficult than the last!

Try getting a big score by eating up the dots from the maze, while making sure not to lose your three lives, because then you lose the whole game. If you're playing on computers, you will usually use WASD or the ARROW keys to move about, using the special touch controls if you're playing on phones or tablets.

Now that the format has surely been properly understood, and you can enjoy the gameplay of this game with ease, you should feel ready to start playing all our amazing games with Pacman online, which are truly the best of them gathered from the internet, as we do with any categories we have!