Capoeira Fighters 3

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What is Capoeira Fighters 3?

Capoeira Fighters 3

Capoeira Fighters 3 is one of the best entries this series has ever had, as you would expect from the third entry in a trilogy, with updated graphics, more fighters, more ways to play, and everything unlocked for free from the start for you, so that you can experience the game at its fullest capacity from the get-go!

Play Capoeira Fighters 3 online unblocked right now, by yourself or in 2 players!

These are the modes you can play the game in:

  • Arcade (story), which comes in three levels of difficulty
  • Versus Battle (2P, 3P, or even 4P)
  • Comp Battle, where you battle the computer
  • Mini Games to earn credits and complete challenges to improve your skills
  • Survival, where you have to defeat the waves of enemies as they come towards you

Choose your characters, each with a different design but also a set of powers, and then give your best to win the battles by depleting the other one's health bar, and the first player to get 2 out of three wins will become the winner of that battle. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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