3 Player Games

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What are 3 Player Games?

3 Player Games are designed to be played in a certain way. There are different modes of games to be played such as 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player modes. This category will cover 3 player games that can be played by 3 different persons from the same computer.

3 Player Games encourage turn-taking and working together to reach a goal. Each player has his own controls on the keyboard. These are the standard arrow keys and WASD keys. Keep in mind, though, that these games can also be played from a mobile device or PC and the controls may be different in different formats. Choose from shooting games, cooking, adventure, and driving games to test your skill.

You may have to take turns using the device or have each player controlling their own portion of the keyboard. It will depend largely on the type of device you are using to play. Each player has his own keys to control their character during gameplay. Games that switch between turns are often easier to play and tend to be more fair than ones you play all together.

Examples of 3 Player Games Online

●    Goose Game
●    Uno Online
●    Stickman Party
●    Mickey and Friends
●    Monopoly
●    Tank Royale
●    Yacht Dice Game
●    Spongebob Pro Sk8ter

If you like the original Goose Game, you’ll love this version in 3 Player mode. If you're playing alone,  you can play against the computer, but technically, this is a 4-player game that allows you to play in  2P, 3P, and 4P modes.

Gameplay is really simple. You roll the dice, and then move the number of spaces shown on the dice. The first player to reach the goal wins. You can get ahead of other players by getting bonuses and avoiding traps.

If you are a Spongebob fan, you have come to the right place because the Spongebob Games category is super fun. Spongebob Pro Sk8r is a skateboarding game, and if you like to skateboard, you will like this game.

You can choose to practice on your own or compete against your friends. There are different types like freestyle, races, and speed tests. Try out all your best moves to make points and outrank your friends. Build your character and rank them up to be the best pro sk8ter. Who knew Spongebob could be so cool? Spongebob is in several games in the online games collection so you can choose your favorites.

These games are addicting and so much fun to play. You can easily get lost in a game and find that an hour has gone by and you didn’t even notice.

Regardless of how you play 3 Player Games Online, in the end, it’s the one with the highest amount of points that wins the game.