Billion Marble

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What is Billion Marble?

Billion Marble

Billion Marble is a new board game online that you get to play free on our website, in however many players you want, since you will be taking turns from the same computer if you play it like that, and we will now teach you more about what the game entails, so you can give it your best right away!

Let's play and win the Billion Marble online!

With the mouse you control your avatars, which you have to move around the map, throwing dice to know how many moves you can make, and using the funds available you can buy inventions, land, build cities, and do other kinds of investments that give you more money in return.

If other players fall on the spots you've purchased, you can make money off of them, and your ultimate goal is to amass more wealth than the other players. It's that simple, so begin right now, only here, and make sure to tell friends to come around as well, they will certainly love what they find here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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