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Pokemon Mega
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Pokemon Mega Overview


You must play Pokemon Mega online right now, since it is a modern take on everything that you loved from classic Pokemon Games of the past, made with new HTML5 technology, amazing graphics, the turn-based RPG system you know and love from this series, and a big new world where you can explore, fight with the pocket monsters, and, of course: CATCH THEM ALL!

Start your new adventure in Pokemon Mega online!

Begin by choosing a gender, as this game allows you to make your character both male and female, you can choose the hero name you want, and, most importantly, make the most important choice in this universe, your starter Pokemon:

  • Charmander (Fire)
  • Squirtle (Water)
  • Bulbasaur (Grass)

Depending on the characteristics and type of the Pokemon you have, some are more effective than others when you're fighting enemies, with a great example of that being using water versus fire and vice-versa!

Battle with Pokemon online!

As you advance through the territory, you either find Pokemon in the wild you need to battle against, or you meet other trainers, whom you have to defeat. In either case, it's in a turn-based system. You go once, then your opponent goes, and then you go again.

From the main menu you will choose between the various attacks that each Pokemon has, and if you have options available, you can go in the backpack to use them. They're mainly for restoring health.

If you're fighting a wild Pokemon, you can capture it with the Pokeball, so throw it at it when it is weak enough to add a new friend to your roaster and improve your chances of success!

Evolve both the monsters and yourself as a trainer!

The more a Pokemon fights, the more XP it gains, and when it reaches certain targets, it can evolve into new types, each new evolution of a monster is stronger than the one before it, so it's something to be desired. You should also evolve in strategy and fighting skills, and in rank because you should keep fighting trainers that are stronger than you!

Try reaching the gyms of each region too, and defeat the gym master, and earn popularity across this world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play daily for rewards, events, and to get gifts!
  • Join guilds and teams to make friends in your adventure!
  • Visit the shop to buy gear, potions, and upgrades.
  • Explore the city and its venues, where you can take part in new fights!

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