Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

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Gun Mayhem Redux
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Gun Mayhem Redux Overview


Gun Mayhem Redux, the latest installment of the popular action game franchise, is here! With a simplified view and improved gameplay, this chapter of the Gun Mayhem series takes the excitement to new heights. Featuring a variety of new weapons, including primitive armaments, players can have an engaging experience in the arena with its superior war maps and a vast arsenal of tools. 

Brand New Levels

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Gun Mayhem Redux! This explosive chapter features a plethora of new weapons, from primitive tools to high-tech gadgets, and immersive battlefields for you to wage war on. Dive into an intense, action-packed adventure as you battle your way through dynamic levels and show off your combat skills.

Gun Mayhem Redux Controls

In Gun Mayhem Redux, each player has a variety of ways to move, shoot, and aim their character throughout the level. 

Player 1 uses arrow keys to move their character around the level, "Z" for quick shooting and "X" for aiming and firing more precisely at the enemy.

Player 2 uses "W,A,S,D" keys to maneuver their character around the level; they can press "T" for quick shooting or use "Y" for aiming and shooting more accurately over long distances. To win the game, players must strategically use these controls to outmaneuver their opponent while avoiding obstacles that appear in each stage. 

Tips For Mastering Gun Mayhem Redux

●    Make sure to collect all available power-ups in each level to get a higher score.

●    Utilize the wide array of weapons available in Gun Mayhem Redux and take out opponents with style!

●    Familiarize yourself with the primitive weapons and use them strategically to maximize your chances of victory.

●    Learn how to use cover tactically and practice your aim for accuracy when engaging enemies.

●    Play in challenging levels that have enough variety so you aren’t simply repeating actions over and over again.

●    Take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses and figure out their strategies quickly, as every second counts in this fast-paced game!

Experiment with different weapon combinations and find which ones are most effective against different types of enemies or in different situations.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, X, Z key.


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