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Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem
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Gun Mayhem Overview


Gun Mayhem is a dynamic and classic shooting game online, and it is one of the few 4 player games from this whole genre, which means that four real people, friends, or family, can come together in front of this computer screen and shoot each other up with really interesting but small characters, known as bots, which we've just done ourselves, and since we know how to, allow us to explain so that you can give the game your best as well!

Start the Gun Mayhem online!

If you're playing in the Campaign mode, each level gives you a challenge, and you're shooting up against enemies controlled by the CPU. If you want to try the levels in co-op (meaning two players), you can do it like that. What is iconic to these games is their maps and locations where you shoot each other up, comprised of multiple platforms, so you will do a lot of jumping around as you also shoot.

Here are the stages you need to complete to finish the campaign:

  1. Tutorial
  2. Easy Win
  3. Gun Game
  4. Seeing Double
  5. BOSS 1: Dynamite Dodge
  6. Double Team
  7. Unfair Advantage
  8. One Hit One Kill
  9. The Ghost
  10. BOSS 2: Minigun Maniac
Learn the Gun Mayhem controls for all four players:
  • Player 1 moves with the ARROWS, [ to shoot, ] for bombs.
  • Player 2 moves with the WASD keys, T to shoot, Y for bombs.
  • Player 3 uses 789 to move, * to shoot, - to use bombs.
  • Player 4 uses 5123 to move, 0 to shoot, . to use bombs.
You can play Gun Mayhem in 4 Players!

This is done in the Custom Game mode, where you choose how many players enter the ring, as well as the format:

  1. Last Man Standing, where the final player to survive wins!
  2. Last Man Standing (Team Mode), which works the same, but you work together with another player in a 2v2 shooting match!
  3. Duck Survival, where you have to survive being shot at!
  4. Gun Game, where you shoot up opponents to level up your gun.
  5. 1 Hit 1 Kill, where you only get five shots with the game's best weapon to dispose of all the targets!

How to play?

P1: ARROWS, [, ].

P2: WASD, T, Y.

P3: 789, *, -.

P4: 5123, 0, .

Tips & Tricks

  • Pick up new weapons from crates that are dropped on the platforms in the arena.
  • Use bombs to blow up multiple enemies with one hit!
  • Change the look of characters in the main menu.

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Kevin Gu, Arvin Eksiri with music by Kevin MacLeod.

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