Nubik and Emma: Prison Break

Nubik and Emma: Prison Break

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Nubik and Emma: Prison Break
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Nubik and Emma: Prison Break Overview


Nubik and Emma: Prison Break is yet another awesome escape game set in the world of Minecraft Games, where, as promised, we have brought you quite a lot of awesome new games, and we're sure that this one, where Noob has to work with a girl, is also going to be to your liking quite a lot!

Let's do the Prison Break of Nubik and Emma!

In this RPG-like game, walk around the prison to get the necessary clues and hints that will help you find the black keys, since they are the keys, pun intended, to you getting out towards freedom, but they will only reveal themselves as you achieve various goals and complete different tasks.

Avoid the red zones, since that is where the prison guards are, and if they catch you, you die. Use WASD to walk around, and interact with the items around you with the mouse, or E to pick them up. Use the touch controls on mobile devices.

Now that we've done our job to explain everything, it is now your turn to let the fun begin as only here is possible to have it, after which we promise that the day is not done yet, and we've got some more great games for you all!

How to play?

Use WASD, E, and the mouse.

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