Nubik Rides a Motorcycle

Nubik Rides a Motorcycle

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Nubik Rides a Motorcycle
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Nubik Rides a Motorcycle Overview


Nubik Rides a Motorcycle is the first game of this category that is already quite big and has been a mainstay of ours for a long time, so it was finally about time you got to drive motorcycles with Noob in it, something we're now inviting you to do in the blocky world, which makes everything even better than regular, and you won't be disappointed, as it is the custom!

Nubik Rides a Motorcycle with you right now, right here!

To drive the bike you can use the two alternate sets of controls:

  • WASD to drive, Space to Jump
  • ARROWS to drive, Num0 to Jump

Drive through all the checkpoints to reach the end of each course, checkpoints represented by red flags that turn green once crossed, and make sure not to fall off the road, which is in the sky, and to avoid the various obstacles, like stone, blocks, trees, gates, and jump to higher points of the ground to not get blocked in your path.

The courses get bigger and more difficult as you advance through the levels, but it is this bigger challenge that will make everything more fun for you, so start right now, and try to see if you can win all of them!

How to play?

Use WASD and Space/ARROWS and 0.

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