Nubik: Dogfight

Nubik: Dogfight

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Nubik: Dogfight
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Nubik: Dogfight Overview


Nubik: Dogfight is a special airplane shooting game online in 3D, featuring the pixelated world, but this time in the air, where you can help Nubik defeat other planes in what is called a dog fight in the military, where you can choose how many other planes are in the sky, so make the fight as exciting as you believe it should be!

Let's win the Dogfight with Nubik!

Control the plane with the mouse, using the WASD keys to take fast turns, and pressing the left mouse button to shoot down the enemies. With L-Shift, you increase the thrust, and with L-CTRL you will reduce it.

The more enemy airplanes in the sky you can bring down by shooting them up, the more coins you can earn, which can then be used in the shop to buy new planes as well as new skins for your pilot so that you can have even more chances of winning, and make the experience diverse!

Those are the simple basics of this game, which we invite you to play on any device you have at hand, after which we hope you to see more games from this or any related categories to this game!

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