Mine Shooter: Nubik Vs Everyone!

Mine Shooter: Nubik Vs Everyone!

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Mine Shooter: Nubik Vs Everyone!
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Mine Shooter: Nubik Vs Everyone! Overview


Mine Shooter: Nubik Vs Everyone! is going to be one of the best new shooter games 3d with an fps gameplay format that we have added into the Minecraft Games category of our website lately, where all of us have had tons of fun started to finish, just like we are sure the same is going to be the case for you all!

Help Nubik Vs Everyone in this new Mine Shooter game!

In each level, you have a set number of targets, who are blocky zombies, for you to shoot down and defeat, making sure that they don't eat you up first, and know that their numbers are only going to grow from one stage to another, so use the coins you earn to buy better weapons for yourselves.

Use WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run, and the mouse to aim and shoot, while you reload with R. Go around the maps, take down the zombies, and see how far you can get, and if you can really defeat everyone that is destroying Noob's peaceful life!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, and R.

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