Nubik destroys the city

Nubik destroys the city

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Nubik destroys the city
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Nubik destroys the city Overview


As the title of this new Minecraft game online clearly suggests, Nubik destroys the city is an action, shooting, and destroying game in 3D that we are now happy to invite you all to check out on our website, where we are fully confident that you will enjoy it really much, and have a blast of a time with it, as you blow up everything around our Noob, something we will teach you how to do right now, so you can start doing it right away!

Nubik destroys the city, with your help, right now!

If playing on a computer, use the arrows for moving, left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to shoot a voxel gun, space to jump, Z to access your arsenal, and on mobile devices, you have touch controls to use. One of the maps is called Delta, the other Omega, and we invite you to start destroying any of them you wish!

Go around the map and shoot the voxel gun at buildings, cars, and other structures, which turns them into blocks, and then use the regular gun to shoot at the blocks and destroy them, which is how you try to destroy everything around you until you fill-up the progress bar. The bigger things you destroy, the quicker you fill up that bar.

Surely you've understood everything, so begin right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since we've got even more great games in store for you all!

How to play?

Use the arrows, mouse, spacebar, Z key.

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