Nubik: Destruction

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What is Nubik: Destruction?

Nubik: Destruction

Destruction games with cars have now come over even into the world of Minecraft Games online, that is how popular they are, and it makes sense that Noob would be interested in this kind of experience since he is always down for anything, so we hope you are not going to miss out on this chance for anything in the world right now!

Cause Destruction with Nubik of Minecraft!

Use the W key for gas, and A, and D to tilt the vehicle, doing so to hit the zombies, creepers, blocks, and TNT around you as much as possible, because the more of them you blow up, kill, and destroy, the bigger your score gets, which then allows you to go into the garage and buy new parts for your vehicle, making it even fiercer and stronger.

That is how it basically goes since the game is meant to be really simple and fun, so begin it right now, only here, and make sure to stick around and catch some more surprises for the day!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys.

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