Destruction Simulator: Noob and Huggy

Destruction Simulator: Noob and Huggy

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Destruction Simulator: Noob and Huggy
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Destruction Simulator: Noob and Huggy Overview


Destruction Simulator: Noob and Huggy is quite a fun new game that our administrative team could not resist sharing with you all right at this moment, as it features both Minecraft's Noob and Huggy from Poppy Playtime, a combination that is always a perfect one, even more so when you get to wreck things up like in this game!

Enter the Destruction Simulator with Noob and Huggy!

In first person, use WASD to move with your character, and use the mouse to aim and shoot TNT or other ammo in your gun at the houses and various structures built by Noob in Minecraft, as you are helping Huggy tear it all down.

The more destruction you cause, the more diamonds you earn in return, and in each level, you need to get enough diamonds to unlock the next stage, where a bigger building awaits, but is more difficult to defeat.

You will even get to use space rocks or create black holes, as this game relies on creativity quite a lot, as you even get the chance to customize your own levels, make improvements to the character, and buy new weapons and skins.

All this fun awaits you just one click away, so giving this game a chance right now should be an absolute must, after which you're invited to further check out our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse and WASD keys.


Author: SHiBEHb Games

Use WASD to move, the mouse to shoot, E for other interactions.

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