Runner: From Noob to Huggy

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What is Runner: From Noob to Huggy?

Runner: From Noob to Huggy

Runner: From Noob to Huggy is a brand new crossover between Minecraft Games and Poppy Playtime Games online on our website, where Noob runs and tries to transform into Huggy Wuggy, his newest idol from the world of gaming, and he can only achieve it with your help, as you are the ones bringing the skills and timing into the game and get all the fun out of it!

Play a runner game 3d and transform Noob to Huggy!

As Noob runs forward on the course, which is endless, you need to help him jump or slide past obstacles, using the W or Up arrow for jumping, the S or the Down arrow key for sliding, and you will have obstacles on both sides, such as creepers, zombies, bats, or even regular blocks.

As you keep moving ahead, try achieving a distance as big as possible, and collect lots of diamonds on the road, since you use them to buy new skins for Noob, and they get scarier the more expensive they are, with the final one being of Huggy Wuggy, which costs 8000. Think you can get it?

If you focus on your run, we are sure you will, and we're sure you will have tons of fun, as only here is possible, where we hope to see you play even more games today, we have made sure to bring you the best of them!

How to play?

Use the Up/Down arrows or the W/S keys.

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