Noob vs Huggy Wuggy

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What is Noob vs Huggy Wuggy?

Noob vs Huggy Wuggy

Noob vs Huggy Wuggy is a really awesome crossover of Minecraft Games and Poppy Playtime Games, currently two of our most popular categories, so a game that features the Noob from the pixelated world fighting off against the Huggy Wuggy creepy dolls that have invaded it is surely going to give you a really good time here!

Help Noob defeat Huggy Wuggy!

In each level you find yourself in one part or another of the pixel world, where you have to defeat a number of Huggy Wuggy toys that are there, having to eliminate all of them to advance to the following levels, where you have even more targets to defeat, as you would expect.

Move using the W, A, S, D keys, attack with a left-click, return the trident with the right button, use E to pick up a weapon, Q to throw down the weapon, and F to throw grenades.

As you keep advancing and doing a better job, increase your health, your bullets, and your damage so that you can defeat the army of creepy dolls no matter how big it gets!

Let's start all the fun right now, only here, after which we hope to see you playing even more of our daily games, you can never go wrong with them!

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How to play?

Use WASD, mouse, E, Q, F.