Noob Saving Huggy: Arena

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What is Noob Saving Huggy: Arena?

Noob Saving Huggy: Arena

The Hacker has stolen Noob away from Huggy, so in 'Noob Saving Huggy: Arena', despite the title, it is the scary blue toy that really needs your help to save his captured friend, something you are now going to do through one of the best new action-adventure games in 3D these two categories have had in a while!

Help Noob in Saving Huggy from the Arena!

Use the mouse to move around with Noob, grab all the gifts, and use the money you earn in return to acquire new facilities and gift-making stations, which are imperative in making their own products by themselves, and, as they keep doing that, you will earn more in return, all the time.

Watch out for any kind of enemies that might appear and want to cause destruction against you. Finish each level before the time granted for you runs out, and give your best to eventually open up the portal, which is the only way that your captured friend is going to be saved.

We're sure that you understood everything, so let the fun begin right away, and don't hesitate to tell your friends about our content as well, they might love what they find!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.