Princess Trash The Dress Party

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What is Princess Trash The Dress Party?

Princess Trash The Dress Party

In Princess Trash The Dress Party, Ariel's friends threw a party where they threw food around and other things, all in order to mess her up, since it can be fun and relaxing, but now that it is done with, Ariel needs a complete clean-up and makeover princess to get her back to the neat princess style she is known for, and this is what you will be helping her with, something we will now teach you how to do!

Let's have fun at Ariel's Princess Trash The Dress Party!

In the first of the four stages you will clean up the princess, who was dressed like a bride, and only after that do you start doing her makeup with the many cosmetics made available to you, combining the shapes and colors to your liking. In the third stage, dress her up in a bride outfit, complete with jewelry, flowers, and a hairstyle of your choosing.

Finally, get back to the beginning and trash her new bride outfit once again, this time you're doing it, not her friend's, and we're sure that you will have an incredible amount of fun! Let's begin all this fun and unique experience right now, after which we hope to see more of you here, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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