Chicken Egg Challenge

Chicken Egg Challenge

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Chicken Egg Challenge
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Chicken Egg Challenge Overview


Chicken Egg Challenge is one of the funniest and best 3 player games online with animals to have been added so far on our website, and precisely because we haven't had new games in three players on our website added in quite a while we wanted to share this one right now, which is high-quality in all aspects, and playable on mobile devices as well!

Who of the 3 players will win the Chicken Egg Challenge?

Of course, the max number of players allowed is three, but you can also play in two or by yourself against the computer, so choose the mode at the beginning. The goal is to lay more eggs than the other chickens to win and to do that you need to repeatedly press your key until the egg has been made and then dropped in the basket.

The three keys the players use to create their eggs are the Up arrow, W, J. Now that you've understood how simple and fun this game is, nothing should hold you back from trying it right now, solo or with friends, since either way you will be having tons of fun!

How to play?

Use the Up arrow, J, W keys.

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