AZ Tank Trouble

AZ Tank Trouble

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AZ Tank Trouble
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AZ Tank Trouble Overview


Tank Maze, or AZ Tank Trouble, is a top tank game. To be the best shooter, you must make the best possible strategy and not end up in the way of the shells.

Tank Trouble - a maze of terror

The game has three modes: 1 Player, 2 Players, and 3 Players. If you choose to play alone, you will play against a computer. This computer is very advanced and eager to win - its name is Laika. The fighting dog will know precisely where you are and when it is the most opportune moment to shoot at you, so be on the lookout!

Each match you play ends when only one tank remains in operation. A new maze is always generated at the start of a game, and you will have to spend your moments of fear in it. The projectiles launched by the tanks will ricochet from wall to wall, so you must pay attention to their trajectory and consider where to position yourself to avoid hitting yourself.

Powerups in AZ Tank Trouble

From time to time, you will see that different inscribed boxes appear through the maze. Collecting these help boxes will surprise you - your tank takes on a new form, a superpower used to destroy your opponent.

  • Gatling Gun: many bullets that bounce in all directions
  • Booby Trap: launch invisible mines behind the tank, and wait for your opponent in a stunning trap
  • Laser: you will be able to see exactly where you are shooting
  • Death Ray: my favorite, a devastating laser that can also pass through walls
  • RC Missile: an exciting upgrade of the tank by which you launch a missile controlled by the buttons on which you play
  • Homing Missile: another missile, after a period, will color according to the nearest tank and follow it - eventually destroying it
  • Frag Bomb: you can shoot once, but when it explodes, it will shoot several small bullets
  • Shotgun

In AZ Tank Trouble, reaction speed matters the most. If you are used to tank games or shooting games where the same, you have to react quickly. You will be able to beat Laika here as well or beat your friends if you play with 2 or 3 players. If you want more similar games, we can recommend Tank Wars 2D or Awesome Tanks.

How to play?

Player 1: Move with ARROWS and shoot with M

Player 2: Move with E,S,D,F and shoot with Q

Player 3: Move with MOUSE and shoot with LEFT CLICK

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to imagine the trajectory of the bullets you fire with the tank. Depending on that trajectory, shoot several, hoping one will hit your opponent.
  • When you see a bullet coming towards you again, please pay attention to its trajectory and position yourself so that it doesn't hit you. Remember, they ricochet off the walls for a few seconds.
  • Don't shoot the walls next to you because you will destroy your tank.


Can I play AZ Tank Trouble without the internet?
Yes. If you download the game to your device, you can play it anytime without the internet. You can play it for free online with us.
Can I disable weapons in AZ Tank Trouble?
Yes. You have to press the settings button on the left, then deactivate the weapons you don't want to use, one by one.

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