Fill The Truck

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What is Fill The Truck?

Fill The Truck

When it comes to the original games we develop for you, you can always bet on them being really fun and awesome, just like we are going to prove once again right now and here, with our administrative team has added for everyone the game called Fill The Truck, a puzzle game that is not about the time when trucks are taken across the country to deliver the cargo, but how you fill up its trunk with everything it needs to transport.

Pull the pins to fill the truck with its necessary contents!

You will have various trucks that need to be filled, and each of them needs to be filled with the liquid that has the same color as the truck. The liquids are held by pins, so you have to use the mouse to tap on the pins to pull them and release the liquid, and if it gets into the right track, the level is cleared.

The order in which you pull the pins is the most important aspect of this game, as it is a logical one where we hope that you focus hard to solve all the puzzles and have fun until you have finished them all, no matter how difficult they might get. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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