Halloween Tiles Mahjong

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Halloween Tiles Mahjong
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What is Halloween Tiles Mahjong?

Halloween Tiles Mahjong

Halloween Tiles Mahjong is a game added in preparation for October's most popular holiday, where you might not want to costume yourself up as a monster of any kind, but instead challenge your brains and maybe relax a bit with a classic puzzle game such as mahjong, one of the most popular formats of matching games online we've got, which we will now explain to all newcomers who want to give it a try!

Match the Halloween Tiles Mahjong online!

Tiles with vampires, pumpkins, monsters, graves, ghosts, witches, and other things related to the holiday are on screen before you, and you need to match three of them in a row in the bracket at the bottom of the screen.

Do so to eliminate all the tiles from the screen and win the level, but know that if you run out of space to move tiles into, you lose the level. Also, the faster you are, the better, as you're playing against time, and hitting zero seconds without eliminating all tiles also means a loss.

Instead, all the time that is left gets added as a bonus, meaning you get some extra points if you're quick. We wish you the best, as you deserve, and we hope you are not stopping here, since the day has only just begun, and there are more games here to celebrate with!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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