Dog Puzzle Story 3

Dog Puzzle Story 3

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Dog Puzzle Story 3
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Dog Puzzle Story 3 Overview


Dog Puzzle Story 3 is a match 3 game online, one that belongs to a series, that has now reached its trilogy point, and, even better, the game is set on Christmas, as you can see the puppy dressed up in the iconic red and white hat, where you will now be matching toys for them to get as presents for this holiday, something simple that we now explain to you for all those of you who might be newcomers here!

Play Dog Puzzle Story 3 online for Christmas!

With the mouse you are going to switch tiles between them, doing so to make three identical objects in a row and eliminate them, making others disappear at the same time, but make sure that you are focusing on the items given to you as a task, and eliminate all those required from you.

For each level there are bigger tasks, but know that in each level you are also given a limited number of moves you can make to achieve your goal, so don't run out of moves before you complete your requirements. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to check out the previous games in the series!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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