Flip Out

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Flip Out
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What is Flip Out?

Flip Out

Flip Out is a new memory-matching game with tiles in a format a bit different and more diverse than what you are used to on our website, which is precisely why we could not have missed the opportunity of sharing it with you right now, hence why we will now continue by explaining the game, and then allowing you to enjoy it for yourselves, all free and unblocked!

Let's Flip Out online and have fun!

You will have to match two things that are related to them, such as planets with their respective gods, or you will flip the objects on the screen in such a way that you create a circle. You're doing each level against time, so try your best to move fast, since the faster you are, the more points you are going to get in return.

Each new level will bring about a different challenge for you, a bigger one as well, but we're sure that if you focus and always give your best, you won't have any problems, and you will keep getting better, as you keep having more and more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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