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Ballistic Overview


Ballistic is a new shooter and puzzle game online inspired by bubble games, as the title suggests, but it is more of a game with balls, as well as rectangles, and numbers all into it, so there are so many diverse elements we're sure you will enjoy top to bottom, just like we did, and we will now teach you what and how to do it, as we've already enjoyed the game ourselves!

Have a fun Ballistic time online right now for free!

Use the mouse to drag and aim the balls towards the blocks on the top of the screen, as they slowly descend towards the bottom of the screen, which you must avoid touching because when that happens, you have lost and need to start again from scratch.

Instead, aim to shoot the balls as well, getting more balls, and with that being able to take down even more blocks. Each block has a number on it, which represents how many balls or times it needs to be shot to get cleared off, so the more balls you have, the more ammunition you have in getting rid of all the boxes!

Let's see how many points you can get, share it with competitors in the comments, and maybe invite your friends to play this same game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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