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Onet World
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Onet World Overview


Onet World is one of the best takes we've seen on match 2 games, which you might also call mahjong games, since they are closely related, and in the game's following part of the article we will teach you how to play it, in case some of you are new to the genre, and would like to dive deeper before you start playing, as you should!

Have fun matching in the Onet World online!

With the mouse or touch controls, you need to click or tap on two animals that are either adjacent, or have free space for a link to be made between them, but they always need to be identical, so that you match and eliminate them from the screen.

With this method, you have to match and clear all the animal tiles from the screen, and do it before the time given for it runs out on you completely, but know that as you match you are given extra time, so being fast has its rewards.

Of course, the matching comes with points as rewards, so try getting a score as big as possible in each stage, no matter how many new tiles of animals to match get added for you, which will happen progressively!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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