Pirate Treasures

Pirate Treasures

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Pirate Treasures
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Pirate Treasures Overview


Pirate Treasures is going to be one of the top new match 3 games online, mainly because of its pirate theme that we loved seeing in this game, where you're out for gold, gems, diamonds, and treasures, making this a thematic combination that works extremely well, and this will be true for both computer and mobile players!

Match the Pirate Treasures online!

With the mouse you are going to switch jewels between them, when they are adjacent, meaning one next to another, so that you form a row of three or more identical items, horizontal or vertical, which is when they get eliminated.

For each level, you have a target requirement of the jewels you need to eliminate, and in what number, so focus on them, since you have a limited number of moves you can use per level, so don't waste them.

Eliminate multiple jewels by matching them with one swipe, and if you find bonus items and power-ups that appear, in the form of special diamonds, make sure to use them to move faster.

Based on your performances you get from one to three stars per level, and we hope this will stay true through the entire game, no matter how difficult it gets!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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