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What are Pirate Games?

If you’ve ever dreamt about being a pirate, don’t go taking a boat out to the sea, since it’s dangerous, and you're still a kid. Instead, welcome to our website, where we are very glad to introduce you all to the Pirate Games category, which is made for all those of you who dream about the seas and oceans, and we’re sure that there are many out there, since pirate media has only become more popular over the years, with movies, shows, and now games being wildly available!

Pirates in the past, and even those few that still exist today, were not good people, but bad thieves of the seas who robbed one ship after another, and used to create terror on any island they would land. Still, it’s not that aspect that fascinates so many people, but their thirst for adventure, as they would travel the ocean, visiting islands in search of treasures, and would always be ready for battle.

Of course, when you’re playing pirates games online on our website, you are not doing bad things, for most of the time, since this page is dedicated towards children, but these games tend to be really educational, giving you the chance to learn more about geography, the ocean, islands in it, ships, sailing, and the likes.

Of course, you’re also going on one adventure after another, so let’s dive deeper into the world of these games, so you can start enjoying them right now!

Come see what are our best pirate games online unblocked!

It goes without saying, but in this category, you will be able to find ship games and boat games where you become the captain of a pirate ship, and with your ship you try to sail the seas without crashing, venturing from one destination to another.

If you want something even more action-oriented, play pirate ship battle games, where you wage war on the seas, using cannons and other weapons to attack enemy ships, either just to defeat them, or simply to rob them.

If you want something more casual, and you love cosplay, play pirate dress up games as well, and try to change characters or new people into pirates, since their gear was quite interesting, with many of them having big hats, wooden legs, hooks for hands, eye-patches, or even a parrot on their shoulder.

When it comes to media with pirates for which you can play games here, we definitely recommend Jake and the Neverland Pirates Games, where Jake needs your help to use his good band of pirates to defeat the bad band of pirates lead by Captain Hook.

Of course, if you see any Pirates of the Caribbean Games online on this page, check them out, since Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends and enemies are always down for an incredible adventure, and you get to join!

Ahoy, sailors! Start your pirate adventure on the seas right now, and make sure to come back here as often as you can, so you are not missing out on any of the new games being added to this page!