Pirate Adventure 2

Pirate Adventure 2

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Pirate Adventure 2
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Pirate Adventure 2 Overview

You need to help the pirate find his lost treasure! You sail on the island the treasure is on but you must collect 6 map pieces to get it! In order to get the map pieces, you must complete math quizzes. In order to be able to complete the quizzes, the game features many characters that you can do favors for. Completing a favor such as collecting flowers, working with money, catching the fish, etc, the character will help you with the next quiz by showing it in a simplistic way.

After you complete a math quiz, you will get 1 map piece, the quizzes are going to get increasingly harder as you progress through the game. The characters teach you the following math problems: the catch fish favor teaches you grouping in maths using the sharks as an example; you can only group things of the same type like with sharks and other fish. The flowers favor teaches you about commutative property, some math operations can have their operands switched like addition and multiplication. The tax favor teaches you about the associative property, you can switch up how you add and multiply the math problem, this does not apply to subtraction and division.

The merchant teaches you about distributive property, some operations can be distributed, aka opened up. The pirate captain teaches you about fractions. The last person teaches you about common factors using barrels as an example. After completing the last quiz, you will get all the map pieces and you will be able to get your lost treasure. The game is set in a pirate age city, on a small island.

Have fun playing Pirate Adventure 2!

How to play?

Use WASD to move and E to interact.

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