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Dutchmans Dash

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Dutchmans Dash
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Dutchmans Dash Overview


Dutchman's Dash is a new Spongebob adventure game online, where Gary the snail, his pet animal, has been kidnapped by pirates. They're not just any pirates either, as we're talking about the Flying Dutchman, which is a ghost pirate ship of legend. It seems the legends are true! Can you and Spongebob with Patrick rescue him?

Start Spongebob's Dutchman Dash!

To run you use the right and left arrow keys, for jumping you press up, and to crouch you press down. Use special attacks by pressing the spacebar.

Use jellyfish and puffer fish for special attacks, but grab them first to use them, with the hook you can get a free ride, so it's a power-up to watch for, and you should try collecting the colorful toys for an extra life when you have 100.

Dash and rescue!

You will begin in Bikini Bottom, and then get out, exploring more of the underwater life. When you see enemies, like the ghost snails, it means you are in the right direction. The more enemies and ghosts you encounter, the closer you are to the final boss, the pirate captain.

To take down the monsters, jump on top of their heads, like you would do in any other platform-adventure game! Jump over the obstacles.

Protect Spongebob & Patrick!

Each of them only has three lives, so if you get touched by monsters three times for Spongebob, he gets swapped with Patrick. If you lose his life, the whole adventure is lost, and your friend is left in the hands of evildoers!

Time is ticking!

Each level has a timer counting down to zero, which is your time limit, so make sure to complete the stages before that moment, so that you can get closer to the finish line!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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