The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship

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The Pirate Ship
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The Pirate Ship Overview


We now invite you all to hop onto The Pirate Ship belonging to the Mini Beat Power Rockers Games category on our website, where these musical kids are going on an adventure in the seas, where rhythm and balance are just as important as it is in music, and you are going to help them with all that straight away, something we will teach you how to do right here, don't worry!

Embark on The Pirate Ship of the Power Rockers!

Through their adventures at sea, you will first protect the squad from the sharks attacking their boat, simply by clicking on them before they can hit into it with the mouse, and you will up the progress bar at the top.

Next up, toxic ghosts are attacking, and while the kids are hiding in the barrels you need to tap on them to make them disappear. Finally, click on the treasure chests that open and have gold in them, but avoid the ones with the skulls.

It's a fast-clicking skill game online unlike you've played here before, in this category, so checking it out right at this moment should be an absolute must, after which we will present you with even more great games all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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