Fuz's Sounds

Fuz's Sounds

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Fuz's Sounds
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Fuz's Sounds Overview


Fuz's Sounds is yet another charming game added into the Mini Beat Power Rockers Games category for the many fans of music games out there, as that is the focus of this page, where you can now get yourselves ready for having quite an awesome experience start to finish, just like we have had, hence why we are now sharing the game with everyone!

Let's play Fuz's Sounds online!

We recommend starting off with the easy level of difficulty, which will be marked by having only one star, with the normal one having two stars, and the hardest level having a total of three stars.

Use the left arrow key to only jump one spot, and use the right arrow key to make a double jump, having to alternate between them to go from one musical not to another without falling into the pits.

Know that if you do, you have to start again from scratch. The further you reach without doing so, the bigger your score, and the same goes for the stars you collect, of which we hope you catch as many as possible.

If you die, just start again and try harder, and we're sure that you will always improve. Good luck, stick around, and don't stop here, since we're far from finishing with the awesome slate of games for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the left and right arrows.

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