Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Adventure

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Pyramid Adventure
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Pyramid Adventure Overview


We now invite you all on a Pyramid Adventure online with the Power Rockers Games category just recently created here for you all, where we are already bringing you the best new games on the internet, as you can clearly observe right now, and if you were not expecting to find a platform-adventure game in a rhythm and music games category, then that's just great since we love surprising you all!

Start your Pyramid Adventure with the Mini Beat Power Rockers online!

You will have to clear a total of three levels, each of them featuring a new character as the avatar that you are going to embody. Use the arrow keys to move and jump on the platforms in the pyramid, where you have to rescue all the babies that have been trapped inside.

Try to also collect all of the musical notes along the way, before you reach the end of a stage, and if you find the golden baby bottles, use them for a super jump. Sarcophagus you should avoid it since it is a trap. Know that at the end of each course, if you have collected your musical notes, a melody will start, and we hope you complete all of them.

Let's begin right away, having fun as only here is possible, and make sure that you stick around since we always prepare you with more amazing new content, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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