Power Rockers On the Red Carpet

Power Rockers On the Red Carpet

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Power Rockers On the Red Carpet
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Power Rockers On the Red Carpet Overview


The Mini Beat Power Rockers Games invites you to join this band you have already fallen in love with for their first red carpet event, where they will be singing later on, and they want to make sure that everything is up to point, from outfits to the songs, and we are positive you will really enjoy helping them in this new musical quest!

Have fun with the Power Rockers On the Red Carpet!

The red carpet will be split into three lanes, and you can change from one another as you are running simply by clicking on the want you want to run on then. Of course, you first choose which of the three human rockers you want to go on this run with.

Along the way you need to collect as many musical notes as you can, increasing your score along the way while being careful of the obstacles, which you must avoid at any and all points because if you hit into them too much, you end up losing.

That's about it, so now that you have been made aware of the format, you should be ready to start it right away, and we hope to see you around for more to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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