Power Skate with Dolores

31.03.2023 491 3 votes

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What is Power Skate with Dolores?

Power Skate with Dolores

Power Skate represents our triumphant return to the Mini Beat Power Rockers Games online, which we know without a doubt is and always will be one of the best new categories you get to enjoy here, where right now you will show your rhythm with music through skateboarding, as we know that skating games are equally as loved, so we are going to be making tons of people happy right now!

It's time to Power Skate with the Mini Beat Power Rockers!

Dolores will advance forward through the courses in the park on her skateboard, and you need to press the spacebar to make jumps, and tricks if you press it twice, and if you are going up a ramp, press it again to make a stunt in the air from the ramp, making some awesome moves.

It's that simple, and you have to see how many points you can make by the end of the course, while being careful not to crash, because if you fall to the ground, off your skateboard, you have to start all over again from scratch.

Now that you have surely understood what it is all about, be confident to start the game, and stick around to see what other surprises are coming up for the day!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.

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