Rocking on Wheels

Rocking on Wheels

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Rocking on Wheels
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Rocking on Wheels Overview


Rocking on Wheels is the game with which we are now making our triumphant return to the Mini Beat Power Rockers Games category here, which we are constantly updating with more amazing games for you all to play, and we see that you do, and this racing game should not be an exception to the rule, since there isn't anything else like it!

It's time for Rocking on Wheels with the Mini Beat Power Rockers!

In the first stage of the game you even get the chance of customizing your wheels, so decorate the car however you wish to, so that it represents you and how cool of a rocker you are.

There are six maps in total, split into three locations:

  • desert
  • beach
  • city

Click/tap on the lane you want to move as you race forward on the tracks, and make sure to avoid puddles, rocks, and other kinds of obstacles that you might get hit into, because that slows you down. Your goal is to speed up and get ahead of the other players.

To do that, collect the baby bottles for more fuel and energy, and grab the tools to repair your car in case it was damaged by the obstacles. We're highly positive that you have now understood, so let the fun begin right now, only here, and make sure to stick around for more of it to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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