Shhh It's Rocking

Shhh It's Rocking

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Shhh It's Rocking
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Shhh It's Rocking Overview


Shhh It's Rocking is a brand new reaction time game online that fits really well into our category of Mini Beat Power Rockers Games online, where we are always working really hard to bring you new content, as you can clearly see, and we are positive you won't have any regrets about trying this one right now either!

Shhh It's Rocking with the Power Rockers!

The nanny is trying to sleep, while the kids want to rock out, so let's make the best of both worlds possible. Help the kids run forward to grab all the toys, but when they come near musical instruments, make sure to hold the left mouse button down so that you slowly pass by them, because if they make noise, you might lose.

This happens if you let the noise bar on the top left completely decrease, something you should focus on not letting happen. Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope that this is not the final game from this category you play here today, since it is not the last one we will bring you either!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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