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Candy Valley

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Candy Valley
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Candy Valley Overview


Sophie is here to guide you and go on an adventure with you in Candy Valley online, which is a magical place where she wants to set up the best candy shop in the realm and make some really delicious recipes for customers, but for that, she needs raw material in the form of candy, candy that you will help her get through a match 3 game, which you must be keenly interested in, as matching games with candy have always stood the test of time as some of the best in this whole big genre!

Let's start matching in the Candy Valley online!

Use the mouse or touch controls to take two candies that are adjacent, meaning one next to another, in either direction and swap them, something that is made possible only when you get the chance to make a row of at least three identical candies by doing so.

When achieved, the candy disappears, and you get points in return, but, most importantly, you need to focus on the candy that is in your target for that stage, as shown by Sophie on the side. You have a limited time to get them, so focus on matching the targets, eliminate them, and then advance to the next level.

The number of targets you receive is going to be bigger stage by stage, but the recipes you make with the candy get more complex. Watch out for special items that might be dropped, like the cakes and other ones that look out of place, since they are bonus items that help you eliminate more candy in one sweep.

Through the levels of the game, you will visit forests, snowy places, or even the pyramids, and try to unlock special gifts like toys of animals, spinning tops, pinatas, and others.

Based on how fast you move in a level, you get from one to three stars, so aim for 3/3 for all. Let's begin the candy-matching valley adventure right now, and then play more similar games in this vein here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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