3 Pieces Game

3 Pieces Game

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3 Pieces Game
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3 Pieces Game Overview


A 3 Pieces Game online is what we invite kindergartners and toddlers to play on our website right now, where we are dedicated to bringing more fun and educational games for children all year round, so we are doing so from the get-go, with us now giving you a simple introduction into the game, so your children can give it their best right away!

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The game is a puzzle one, but also a matching one, where the puzzles only have three pieces on one side, three on the other one, and two of them at a time can link as they form a pair. You need to figure out what are the correct pairings to bring the pieces together and solve the puzzles.

You can pair the Easter Bunny with an egg, the football with the net, a Halloween pumpkin with some candy, the dog to its food bowl, the bee with the honey, or the flower with the pot.

This way, children learn not just to solve puzzles, but to make connections in the world, which will be very helpful to them in real life! Start now, don't wait for fun any longer!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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