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Sequences Overview


It's very important for children to learn about Sequences, since they happen all around us in life, and knowing how to create them and complete them is a great brain teaser game that helps us become smarter and faster, and more logical, which is what children are invited to practice on right now with this amazing game, a game which we will teach you how to play right now, worry not!

Let's sort the Sequences, kids!

Balloons, bugs, ice cream, basketballs, fruits, vegetables, and various other items will be spread out in a sequence, with each of them shown to you missing one item, you need to look at how it goes, and then figure out the item that goes there to complete it correctly.

You're given three choices to pick from at the bottom of the screen, so choose the one you think is correct, and if you do so, you can advance, and in the next level, figure out another pattern. It's that simple, and now you know, so you should be ready to begin right now, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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