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What are Easy Games?

It is very important for children to play games that are age-appropriate, because when they do that, they don’t play games that strain them too much, both physically and mentally, so our team from Play-Games worked hard to separate the games on our website in categories based on different criteria, with one of them being the difficulty of the games played, which is why you can now see a page here such as Easy Games.
These might be the easiest games you can find and play on our website, but that does not mean that they are not useful, because young kids who play them will definitely improve their skills in all sorts of areas. They can play simple coloring and painting games where they develop their imagination and creativity by infusing their favorite characters with colors, or they can play games with animals where they learn how they sound or how they look.

If your child loves to learn, then they should definitely try out shape games, because it is important for kids to learn the difference between circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and others from a young age, as it will be useful to them their whole lives, and the same would be true for games where they learn about the weather, games where they learn about the seasons of a calendar year, or games where they differentiate between colors, like green, blue, red, black, white, orange, and more.

We’ve got awesome games with fruits or vegetables where they don’t only learn the difference between them and what they are good for, but they can also learn to cook them and get to learn more about living and eating healthy. Kids love to sing and dance, so you can definitely find plenty of music games and dancing games online here, where they can create their own songs, or create their own dances around songs they love hearing on the internet or on the radio.

Kids love to play and learn, and they usually do it faster if they are joined by characters they love from television or movies, which is what they will be able to do on our website with characters such as the Teletubbies, four costumed huge babies, each in a different color, they can go on adventures with Paddington, Mickey and his many friends from Disney stories, Blue is here to give out her clues, or they can visit Sesame Street and have plenty of fun with The Muppets!

Don’t hesitate to also try out classic games such as UNO, Hangman, Bejeweled, Zuma, Tic Tac Toe, Snakes and Ladders, and many more. All these games explain their rules in the beginning, and the kids are usually assisted by characters in-game that will take them through the journey step-by-step, so it should not be difficult at all for them to complete their task, which they will probably accomplish by themselves, without the help of a parent, because we know that our visitors are and always will be smart kids!