The Grinch Jigsaw

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What is The Grinch Jigsaw?

The Grinch Jigsaw
The most controversial Christmas character is Grinch himself, the little green monster who steals Christmas. Well, in the new online game we will try to offer you the opportunity to get to know him better, and in this sense, you will have to complete a very interesting jigsaw game in which you will have Grinch as the main character.

In total, you will have to choose between 9 different puzzle images, but all of them will have Grinch as the main character. You will notice that besides the Grinch, other characters will appear, including Santa Claus, children waiting for gifts, reindeer who are tied to the carriage, and many others.
For beginners, you will have to choose how difficult you want this game to be, and in this chapter, you will have to choose how many pieces you want the jigsaw game to be with: 6, 12, or 24 pieces. For starters, we guide you to start with a small number of pieces, respectively 6, so that you can finish each puzzle game easier and faster, after which you will be able to resume that level, but with a larger number of pieces, so that the game is more difficult.

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How to play?

use the mouse.