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What are Jigsaw Games?

On our website, we already have a big and greatly-developed category of puzzle games online that you can visit and enjoy, but the word puzzle can include a whole range of things in it, as anything that poses a problem and needs you to conjure up a solution by moving things around can be called a puzzle, which is why we felt the need of creating a separate category of Jigsaws Games online, for those looking for this specific type of puzzle game to play!
Even in real life, puzzles can come in various formats and are found across multiple forms of media, but for a long time, jigsaw puzzles have reigned supreme and are the most popular ones, with you being able to buy a wide range of jigsaw sets from your local toy store, supermarket, and other kinds of shops. Now, you don’t even need to go outside and buy a puzzle, since you can solve jigsaw puzzle games online for free!

How to solve jigsaw puzzles online

Just like in physical jigsaw puzzles, in online ones you will be shown a complete image in front of you, the end-result of the puzzle that you need to get to, and try to imprint that image in your head, so you can use it as a guide further down the line, although in some games you can see the image any time you want, as a hint, and in some of them, you place the jigsaw pieces over the transparent image in full.
With the mouse, you will then take the scattered pieces and put them together, having to find the way that they fit with one another, using not only their shape to recognize where they fit, but also the image that is on them, because then the shape and image match one another, the two or more jigsaw pieces belong linked, and they will stay so until they are all united and the puzzle is a complete image.
Usually, the jigsaw pieces have irregular shapes so that it is both more exciting and difficult to solve the puzzles, but in some of them, the pieces can have more straightforward shapes such as rectangles, making it even easier to solve a puzzle. The main things you should be to have no problems solving a puzzle are attentive, you should be focused, and, even more importantly, have patience.
For many of the games on this page you get to select your own level of difficulty and the number of pieces you want the puzzles to have, so if you’re not feeling confident, take your time and start with a low number and then advance to bigger puzzles.

The best Jigsaw Puzzle Games to start off with:

Puzzles can depict anything you want in this category, from artworks and paintings from history, you can have photos of the natural world, such as of forests, the sea, or the sky, or you can see puzzles depicting cities, cars, animals, plants, food, and many more.
If you have favorite characters like Ben 10, ThunderCats, Descendants, SpongeBob, and others, know that we also have jigsaw games with characters here where the images that you have to solve are taken from the shows they are featured in.
Pick a game right now, solve the jigsaw, and have fun